01 September 2011

Perodua Myvi Extreme / Myvi SE 1.5 spyshots

A new Myvi 1.5 has been spied. This is different from the version we used to see before, with more extreme front fascia design . This variant of Myvi is due to be launched very soon.

According to believable insider news, the 1.5 litre Myvi is called Myvi SE. Where previous Myvi SE is just a cosmetically enhanced, the new SE will sports a 1.5 litre engine to give a boost in performance, parallel with the racier exterior styling. The versions you see above is Myvi SE Extreme with much more agressive front lip and side skirting compared to cooking Myvi SE. Read more after the jump.

This is the rear view of the Myvi SE Extreme. The wavy rear spoiler is the clearest giveaway that this is the top of the line variant of Myvi family.
Photo below is basically the prototype version of the cover photo. The white skirting is what exclusive to SE Extreme variant and will be missing from normal SE. So are the black front splitter.

The 1.5is not dissimilar to current powertrain in Alza, so boost of performance is likely a relative measure. It is unlikely this will transform Myvi into road burning, apex hugging and exhaust deafening hot hatch by any means, but will sets a more premium image for small family hatch with added sportiness flavor in its outlook. The photos below is the cooking version of Myvi SE, which devoid any skirting with only sportier bumper design differentiated it from 1.3l Myvi.

The rear bumper of Myvi SE as seen below is different from 1.3version, very likely to be similar to SE Extreme bumper minus some skirting.The rear spoiler is however totally different.
The Myvi SE with 1.5is due to hit the market really soon. If you really like the 1.5in your 3.6m hatchback, with proper sporty attire to boot, this is the car for you. But be prepared to fork out upwards of RM60K! Money is subjective anyway....