The Author 
Aeronautical graduated turned into mechanical profession, prior being twisted into process engineer job.

Armed with aeronautical engineering scroll in hand, the author rushed in to pursue his life long dream of getting a career in automotive/motorsport. However, the closest he ever get to motorsport career was by emerging as one of five finalist in Renault F1- ALTRAN Engineering Academy. Not capable of winning even when down to the final five, heavyheartedly the author then returned to his homeland to join the national car company. 

Time flies, the author can now claimed an involvement in automotive, aerospace and oil and gas industries, experienced in engineering design,computer simulation, product development and manufacturing with national car company, space satellite company and currently pursuing career in oil and gas company. 

Among the automotive product the author has worked on include Proton Satria Neo, Proton Persona, Proton Gen2 facelift, Proton Saga BLM and some initial work on Proton Exora where his main experience was mainly in the engineering design with major involvement from initial conception to mass production. The author was also involved in the design analysis of automotive engine (awkwardly in oil and gas company) where his responsibility was mainly on stress analysis, thermal simulation, CFD and modal evaluation. On the aerospace front, the author was involved in the R&D of national space satellite.

At the moment, the author is pushing his luck in the arena of oil and gas R&D while attempting to remain in touch with his automotive-loving heart by car-blogging, thus the existence of MALAYSIA MOTORING NEWS.

The Site
The site started its life in March 2011, with proper entry started to feed in May 2011. The total page view reached its first milestone of 100,000 readers in 21st November 2011. The site has moved to the ".com" domain on 1st April 2012, where from then one known as "www.malaysia-motoring-news.com".

malaysia-motoring-news.com is a news-based site, focusing mainly on global automotive news, with certain focus on Malaysia-relevant model. Occasionally, articles on used car, motorsport, sales statistic and technical article will be included for an added flavour. 

malaysia-motoring-news.com aims to educate the public on the sheer effort needed to come up with a complete car. This is deemed essential for the mass public to appreciate the fellow Malaysian who live in a blood and sweat of engineering the car for the masses of Malaysia. It is just not an easy job! The targeted outcome of this knowledge-imparting exercise is the better educated public who are more intelligent in voicing out constructive and objective comments which could be used to propel the national car industry to a greater height in engineering depth and governance as well as customer satisfaction in its entirety.

malaysia-motoring-news.com aims to cater a more technical-inclined readers rather than pure car news. This site sets to be an alternative to current popular,commercial driven and news-oriented websites. Thus, the entry might not be limited to up-to-date news, but also a deliberation on current car, trend and technological know-how.