01 February 2013

Topless Toyota 86 Coming

The affordable (forget it if you are in Malaysia) Toyota chuckable RWD, the 86 is set to loose its roof, and destinated to be showed to the crowd in the upcoming Geneva Motorshow in March.  Dubbed FT-86 Open Concept, Toyota will use it to gauge the public reaction as well as initiating an engineering feasibility study for the open top 86.

Toyota i-Road
FT-86 open Concept will be be joined by three further Toyota sibling; i-Road micro car and a duo of production car in the form of Toyota Auris Touring Sport and the new RAV4. The i-Road is an urban transport for 2 people, offering an emission free and a run ride. The showcase of the RAV4 also signalled its entry into the European market. Both of these mass-production car will be accompanied by Auris Touring Sports Black, RAV4 Premium and RAV4 Adventure. 

Photos of Auris Touring Sport and RAV4 are after the jump.


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