14 July 2012

R3 kit introduced for Proton Preve & other models

Proton has showcased the latest R3 product, mainly for the Proton Preve and Satria Neo at the event of APRC in Johor. The models are being on show at Plaza Angsana. The R3 kit for the Preve is the first in line for this particular model, comprising of a new front bumper extension with lower lip and side duct, side skirting and rear valence. While there is no mentioned about the rims, it looks as if it is at least 17" in diameter.
There's no mentioned about the drivetrain enhancement, so it is very likely this is the cosmetic updates only. As depicted from the product description, the package does not include the rims, suspension or engine tweak and currently limited to the faster-looking body addenda. The indicative pricing is RM3k++.

Also on show at the Plaza Angsana is the ageing Proton Satria Neo with S2000 Concept. While it lacks the flaring wide-body outlook from the successful rally car, the R3 kit does include an aggressively styled front bumper with massive radiator grille intake, side skirt, new rear bumper and big rear spoiler. Larger rims are available too. The indicative pricing is RM4k++. 

R3 kit for the rest of Proton range is available too. There will also be package for Saga BLM that resemble the R3 show car in Thailand Auto Expo back in 2010, priced tentatively for RM3k++. There special price on offer during the APRC event too for selected R3 kits. For Proton Persona, the bodykit package (minus the rims and tyres) is RM3113.60 (normal RM3,892), Satria Neo CPS package for RM1,000 (from RM1,250), Proton Gen2 kit RM2,530 (usual RM3,891), Proton Satria Neo kit at RM2,570 (normal RM3,953) and finally an Inspira kit for RM2,388 instead of usual RM3,674. Please note that the price quoted are all without rims and tyres.

The photos of the Preve R3 and the brochures for the model mentioned above can be seen after the jump.

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