17 July 2012

Revamped Alza Advanced with integrated GPS - RM69,503

Perodua has revamped the equipment list for the Alza Advanced model mainly on the interior appointments. While the exterior still retained the Alza Advanced bodykit comprises of front, side and rear skirt plus the spoiler, the interior has been refreshed with the touch screen multimedia system with GPS functionality. This is the same unit as per in the 2011 Myvi. Thus this will end the retro-fitment of the GPS on the dash top slot for the current Alza Advanced model. The seats are also upholstered with Luxvelvet which supposedly more pleasant to sit on. 

As opposed to Proton who hook up with Yes 4G for the mobile internet, Perodua has packed the new Alza Advanced with TM Wifi Hotspot Locator. The 6" touchscreen unit is also capable of searching Perodua outlet, phone search for commercial number and Yellow Page Integration. The GPS map is also TM-powered and is capable of rendering 3D building and junction. Reverse camera is included too. More page of the brochure can be seen after the jump.

Source: buy-perodua

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