27 July 2012

Next Kia Forte scooped with interior photos

The new Kia Forte is set to unleash a splash of style in the crowded C Segment. While the new Honda Civic goes formal, and sibling Elantra goes outlandish, the new Forte will ditched the current model boxy look in favor of a more intricately curvaceous skin.

The new Forte sits on the C Segment platform shared with the new Hyundai Elantra. So, the dimensions should be more or less similar to the Elantra, meaning that a slightly longer at 2,700mm and overall length of 4,530mm. It is refreshing to see that the new Forte is not outlandishly styled like the Optima K5. Instead the execution of Kia corporate face here is more subdued and pleasing to the eye. The interaction between the grille and the headlight is not as intense as its bigger brother. The intricate inner detailing of headlight remains though, as can be seen with the LED eye lid here.
The rear end adopts a wrap-around rear light with intricate inner detailing. While some Japanese maker has ditched the LED insertion for the rear light and decide to go spartan, Kia however clearly give their all. No expense spared here. It even has a slight Audi-ish in the way the illumination is set.

The current generation of Forte is powered by a choice of 1.6L Gamma (124PS/156Nm) or 2.0L Theta II (156PS/194Nm), both mated to 6 speed automatic transmission. For the new model however, expect some overlap with the Hyundai Elantra powertrain, including the 1.8L version punching out 150PS and 178Nm of power and torque respectively. 

The cabin is not as radical as the Kia Optima K5 with its heavily driver oriented centre console (same with the new Kia Cee'd), the new Forte is kind a refinement from the current model. The vertical aircond ducts are retained while the whole centre and floor console has been tidied up. Some more photos after the jump, including the official sketch from Kia.

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