27 July 2012

Proton sets to shut down R3 division?

There's a rumours circulating from Inspira tuners facebook that the R3 division is set for a closure after Raya.  While there's no further information available, the most sensible reason must the rationalisation of Proton's overall business under DRB-Hicom care. In a bid to cut cost (& loss), the non-core division or business must go. Make no mistake about it, motorsport is costly.

Anyway, this kind of move is really a typical one. Especially when the company has new owner or more so a new leader. And the consequences is, well, the intelligent working level that suffers. Those who works passionately and giving their all to deliver the product will now have to do something else, which might not be their interest. But this is the danger of sticking to the non-core business in any type of organisation. The niche department only exists during the good time. They will be shed away in no time at all in the difficult moment.

Many years ago, Proton axed major project with Lotus. The results, some aspiring young engineers gone out of job. In a foreign country some more. In the recent years, an oil and gas company shed its automotive powertrain division due to the desire to stick to the core business. As a results of that, many of the not-so-young engineers again have to look or job. Some decide to sell their soul to the money promised by some industry, some stay stubborn while some just don't care.

However, in light of all this, despite the appears on the losing side, it is actually a character building. Be it for the company, or be it for the person. It inculcates resilient. Top gun will always stay top gun. If DRB-Hicom thinks this move will make Proton earns better, just do it then!

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