26 July 2012

New Mazda6 officially revealed

After a series of teaser video showcasing the significant design elements of the next generation Mazda6, Mazda has released a full set of photos of the said model, albeit only for the exterior. Stays faithful to the Takeri concept, the new 6 is another full adaptation of not only the new Kodo design language, but also include the full Skyactiv technology. The car is expected to debut at Moscow motorshow later this month, thus the glimpse of the interior might have to wait till then.
The front end is clearly derived from the Mazda CX-5 fascia, with large grille opening featuring prominent Mazda emblem flanks by thin "wing". The radiator is adorned with thin chromed outline than tapered off at the headlight inner part. The headlight has an interesting graphic that blends well with the afore-mentioned chromed bar.
At the back, Mazda6 lost the slit like fascia of the Takeri concept, but that is expected anyway. The rear combi has the same silhouette as the CX-5 item, but the graphic is more up to date. The rear lower section is curvaceous, a theme that is followed by the flowing lines in the license plate depression area. Chromed trunk lid garnish finished off the imposing rear end. For this round of model, Mazda will not offer the 5 door version. 

The engine selection will mirrors those in the CX-5. It means a full complement of Skyactiv G and Skyactiv D, which means a 2.0L gasoline and 2.2L diesel. Transmission choice include manual and automatic variety, both comes with 6 forward ratios.

True to the spirit of 2012, Mazda6 comes with an energy recuperation system, dubbed i-ELOOP which stands for the intelligent energy loop. The fundamental of this system is similar to the regenerative braking available in many cars today, but Mazda system make do without the need for battery. Instead, energy of is stored in the high capacity capacitor. Under braking, the generator can sent up to 25V to the capacitor, which then channelled the electric power to other system such as audio and climate control system. Mazda claims 10% improvement in fuel consumption as a results of this mechanism.
Judging by reasonably quick turnaround time by Mazda Malaysia for the CX-5 to arrive, the Malaysia's debut could be just a few month late than the global sale debut. More details will be available during the Moscow motorshow. Stay tune.

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