22 April 2013

Honda Jade = 2014 Honda Stream?

Honda unveiled the Jade MPV at Shanghai Motorshow, and citing it as the China-market MPV to be sold by Dongfeng-Honda JV in Chinese market. However, with the current Honda Stream is kicking into its seventh year of life, it is hard to believe that this model is China-only.

We think this is indeed the forthcoming Honda Stream, a 3rd generation compact MPV. The details are clear, the size is clearly indicates it sits on a Honda Civic-derived platform, and the front end blows everything away with its Civic-alike headlight.

The exterior is fresher-looking than the already-dated 2nd gen Stream, with the afore-mentioned Civic snout, flowing side glass and the fresh take of the rear end that ditch Stream's traditional vertical tail light. The interior looks production ready, with its steering wheel handed from Civic, and the gearknob from 2013 Honda Accord. The climate control panel also look-alike the one from the latest Accord. The dashboard could signal the shift of Stream current architecture towards digital display similar to its sedan-sibling.

Some more photo can be found below.


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