21 December 2013

New Perodua Alza Facelift 2014 Specs Leaked

It is the new Perodua Alza 2014 we are after. Many leaked photos of the facelifted Alza SE/AV has found their ways to internet lately. It is hardly surprising as Perodua Alza is one of the most popular MPV in Malaysian market. Nearly every streets has one. It has become a default choice for the household, even when the family size is hardly growing. Newly weds, 1-kid small family all opted for this mini-MPV, especially after its first 2 years of launching. I just don't know why, but I too was one of them.

Perodua launched this sub-MPV late in 2009 and now time has come for Perodua Alza facelift. It will be introduced in January next year as a 2014 Perodua Alza, with a rationalize model line-up from the base to the top-line Perodua Alza Advanced.

Perodua announced yesterday that the new Perodua Alza 2014 will be available from January. Teaser is up too in the websites. Tagged as "The Alza For Everyone", clearly the 2014 Perodua Alza is set to receive a revised cosmetics, enhanced equipment level and more practicality, such as split folded 3rd row seat.

Thanks to the leaked sales material (all sources can be found at the end of the post), we now know that there is going to be 3 version of 2014 Perodua Alza, namely Perodua Alza Standard, Perodua Alza SE and Perodua Alza AV. The Alza S will be discontinued and thus one can expect the new facelifted Perodua Alza Standard to receive a very competitive pricing.

As for the exterior, all variants will receive new bumper design, revised headlight graphic, revised tail gate garnish, new rear bumper and revised rear combi coloring. The version seen above based on leaked photo is the top-line 2014 Perodua Alza Advanced, sporting exclusive new alloy wheels, all around skirting, clear lens rear combi and rear spoiler. Perodua Alza Standard will have none of those, but the chromed front grille will remain.

For the interior, from the earlier leaked photo we already know that Perodua has re-engineered the 2011 Perodua Myvi gearknob to fit into new Perodua Alza gear console. They have revised the paneling surrounding it too, encompassing a garnished surfaced for both gear console and airconditioning control panel. The car seen above is 2014 Perodua Alza AV. The new Perodua Alza SE will feature red-theme fabric upholstery as seen in Perodua official teaser covering both seats and door trims. The new steering wheel from 2011 Myvi introduced earlier will remains, although only Alza AV will feature the steering wheel button.

The new features however is the change of cabin color for 2014 Perodua Alza Standard, the interior will be two-tone, with beige lower portion, including the seats! Seems Perodua has taken the leaf out from its owner in offering beige cabin in the cheaper variant. 2014 Perodua Alza SE and AV will be monotone black cabin. The automatic version will get new armrest with storage space, while the ISOFIX slot, 50/50 split 3rd row seat will be standard across the board. Roof mounted DVD player is Alza AV spesific, so is the leather upholstery. Multimedia touch screen audio system is available on all bar the Alza Standard.

Safety wise, apart from the aforementioned ISOFIX, all variants will get dual SRS as standard. Opting for Alza SE and AV buys your ABS with EBD. The new Perodua Alza can now be booked at your nearest Perodua outlet and will be delivered starting from January.

In case you find the write-up is too long and can't be bothered to read, the leak specification can be found in the following source:
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4


Anonymous said...

Is the luggage space at the back more spacious than the previous?

Akbar MalaysiaMotoringNews said...

The luggage space is the same like previous. But there is an added flexibility because the 3rd row seat is now split into two instead of single piece.

Anyway this blog is obselete. It is no longer on blogspot. Pls find your way to www.malaysia-motoring-news.com.