23 March 2011

Perodua Myvi 2011 Spyshots

There's a continous stream of new photos for Perodua Myvi 2011 lately. Seems that the cars are extensively tested recently, with spyshots ranging from at Bukit Beruntung to as far as Terengganu.

From the shots we have seen so far in many car blog ( paultan, funtasticko, arenakereta etc..), there is at least two variants currently going for production. The first of is "standard" looking car, with cooking wheel and plain non-kitted body, while the other one is fiery looking "sports" version, probably succeeding Myvi SE. Standard one is rumoured to be called " Elegance" ( inpired by Persona elegance??) while SE one is "Extreme". Two engine are said to be available, 1.3 and 1.5.

Below are the collection of photos for body-kitted version

Perodua testing group is notably bad in their skills in camouflaging the car. Seems that they just wrap the body with black canvas and that's they did. Usually people put cardboard, fake lamp and misleading body section to deceive the spy shooters, but no effort was noted here.

There's a shot of interior, with Optitron style meter combi, a somehow touch-screen look ICE.

The cooking version is less spied however there's a few available on the net

Based on these shots, it is clear that Perodua have gone a great length to differentiate the design of new Myvi from its Passo/Boon sibling. While previously only front portion was changed in current Myvi, looks like both from and rear styling are different now. Only the side profile is recognizable as Passo family. Spartan Passo interior are also a no-go, replaced by more expensive- looking IP design.

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