24 January 2013

McLaren P1 Underbody - Full Blast Aero-Effect

McLaren showcased its forthcoming P1 hypercar to a bunch of potential client at an event nearby McLaren Beverly Hills. The car was air-lifted from the truck into the SLS Hotel, raising a rare chance to see the underbody of the acclaimed hypercar.

Thanks to the photographer Dirk A at Supercarfocus, we can really see the F1-inspired flat underbody, finished off with an intricately designer rear diffuser. The diffuser is not the sole aerodynamic feature on the car, as various other passive and active devices are expected to make an appearance too. One of them is the rumoured active front flaps and the some compressors to push the air towards certain areas of the body.

McLaren will officially debut in March at Geneva Motorshow, where its interior and gasoline engine with KERS assistance will be fully revealed. Read our previous article on McLaren P1 HERE.


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