09 January 2013

Proton Exora Turbo Now Cheaper at RM69,000

Fancy a turbocharged Proton Exora to haul those 6 passenger in hurry but can't quite afford the Exora Bold Premium? Your prayer has been answered quietly by Proton with the introduction of the Proton Exora Bold CFE Standard, effectively displacing the CPS-powered Exora Bold Executive. The new variant of the Proton Exora slipped quietly to the showroom, and it is priced from RM68,550. The Premium version is priced at RM79,562, while the Exora Bold Executive (CPS) was RM66,762.

Externally, the Exora Bold Standard wears the facelifted body like the rest of the range, but with the fog lamp, rear spoiler and alloy wheels eliminated. Meaning that it will look like the rest f the updated Exora with the bolder (no pun intended) front bumper, updated rear bumper and smoked rear light. Interior-wise, it is on par with the Exora Bold Executive, meaning that it is fabric upholstered, silver-lined centre console, no DVD player and the auto-cruise and reverse camera deleted. Steering wheel-mounted audio switch is gone too. No bid deal though.

Safety wise, the 4,592mm long Proton MPV is still protected by dual SRS, and the ABS and EBD is retained too. There are no mechanical change to the setup offered on the more expensive Bold Premium.

For a reminder, the turbocharged CFE engine produced a healthy 138hp@5,000rpm and 205Nm of torque from 2,000-4,000rpm. Read more about Proton CFE engine HERE.

The only drawback is the color choice. You must like the lighter hue to Proton Exora or else you have to pick up the other variant. For Proton Exora Bold CFE Standard, only Solid White and Genetic Silver are offered. However, at only RM68,550 do you think it is still smart to buy a RM69,503 Perodua Alza Advanced or RM64,203 Alza Premium? Think about it...Proton Exora deserves a bigger share of pie....

Malaysia Motoring News thinks Proton Exora Turbo drives like a dream for an MPV. Read about it HERE.

Photo source: BluePearlAuto

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