19 May 2013

Life-size F1 Simulator - For Hardcore F1 Gamerz

Are you a circa 30 years old who has given up the Playstation since you graduated? Are you a young successful professional who used to have a history of visiting the game centre in your early-20s? And now in your professional years, you gaming time is limited to just playing Beach Buggy Blitz on your Android?

You could be rejuvenated again, thanks to Costco, you can have your gaming days back again. This is the real size F1 game, mounted on a carbon-fibre bodied stands on the real racing tyres. Out goes the V8 engine, and in comes the i7 processor, Intel SSD hardisk, 3 units of 23" TFT for all-around view and digital speaker system.

Yours for cool GBP89,999.89. Playing an F1 game has never been more professional than this.

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