23 September 2013

BMW 1-Series Arrived : 116i, 118i and 125i, from RM171k

BMW Malaysia has bring in the long-awaited second generation BMW 1 Series to our shore. It has been a long wait, as the F20 has been launched ages ago in other market. There are three main version on offer, namely 116i, 118i and 125i. Typical in the newer BMW model, there's a trim line for an added differentiation, except for the entry level 116i. The 118i can be optioned in either Urban or Sport line, and the top of the line (which is also CBU) can be spesified in either Sport or M Sport guise. 

With regards to the powertrain unit, 116i and 118i are both powered by a TwinPower Turbo unit with 1,595cc. In the lower tune the mill gives 136hp and 220Nm, while in the higher-tune 118i the engine produces 170hp and 250Nm. Both chanelled the drive via an 8 speed automatic transmission. The fully-imported 125i is powered by the fame N20, now in "25i" guise which produce 218hp and 310Nm. 

In terms of pricing, BMW 116i is priced at RM170,800, 118i Urban and Sport at identical RM190,80 while 125i Sport at RM238,800. The range topper BMW 125i M Sport is RM253,800.

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