17 September 2013

2014 Datsun Go+, 7 Seater & Under 4m

Datsun today revealed its second model in the revived line-up, aptly named Go+. Simply an extended version of the Datsun GO hatchback (Nissan Micra/March derived, for low cost market), Datsun GO+ get an extended length to 3,995mm long, just 210mm longer than its hatchback derivative, which measures 3,785mm. Wheelbase is retained at 2,450mm, so is the width and height at 1,635mm and 1,485mm respectively. The dimension is deliberately kept under 4,000mm long so that it can capitalize on the excise duty reduction for India market, a market which the revived Datsun brand is targeted. Why 4.0m? Read our earlier article on the incentive for India's compact car HERE.

Far smaller than any MPV, Datsun Go+ is better to be considered as 5+2 seater instead of full 7 seater, and even smaller than Perodua Alza which is a familiar sight on our home market. The MPV is virtually identical in design in everything compared to its smaller sibling right down to the front and rear fascia and I believe the rear door also is identical to the hatchback.

The cabin also features almost wholesome carryover from the Datsun Go hatchback, which is no bad thing as things still come from the Nissan parts bin. The 3rd row seat is visibly cramped, and small in size and thus it is safe to assume that it is designed with kids in mind. Similar to Perodua Alza, take this as the estate version of the Datsun GO with the occasional 7 seater functionality and you won't be far off the mark. At least it give a very much welcome boost in luggage capacity when needed, and flexible too as can be seen below. 

The powertrain option will be a gasoline mill with 1.2L paired to manual gearbox. Both Datsun GO and GO+ will be produced in Indonesia. It will be competing with the rest of low cost Asia mobile including the new Honda Mobilio MPV and the likes.

More photos can  be found after the jump.

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don said...

great car!! i'll buy it..wonder will it enter m'sia?