09 September 2013

Jaguar C-X17 - Aluminum SUV In The Making

Jaguar is set to preview its flexible new aluminum vehicle architecture in Frankfurt Motorshow underpinning the concept SUV named C-X17. The SUV aside, the new aluminum platform is set to expand the utilization of the said material wider throughout the Jaguar range of vehicle, which is currently limited only to the flagship XJ-series. The platform will be of modular type, and will underpin anything from the forthcoming 'baby Jaguar' onwards.

Jaguar SUV has been mulled for quite sometimes. Even in mid of last decade, there has been a talk about Jaguar crossover. Only now it materialize, and also signifies the flexibility of the Audi-MLB rivalling new platform. Externally, Jaguar C-X17 wears all the familiar, contemporary Jaguar styling cues. The front fascia is clearly Jaguar XF-inspired, and rear end bears resemblance to the recently introduced F-Type. The side profile is classic Jaguar, sleek and flows with unrivalled elegance. The only obstruction to the perfect elegance is the upright front end, necessitates by the SUV-like snout.

Despite wearing a production-realistic body surface, the concept C-X17 is adorn with the flashy alloy wheel and fanciful glass roof. Interior meanwhile is pure showcar, with its embedded hi-tech instrumentation lies within the minimalist fascia arrangement.

The rear seats are of individual item, separated by the centre console loaded with fully flush and embedded infotainment system.

With the crossover segment is bursting with new entrance from every motorshow, it is not hard to imagine Jaguar is putting the C-X17 into production in the near future. However, don't be sure 100%, as Proton also exhibits its then-new VVA (Versatile Vehicle Architecture, aluminum rivet bonding) in Proton MSX (or Lotus APX depending on where you at it) and then it was never to be seen again! More photos of Jaguar C-X17 can be found after the jump.

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