21 October 2013

2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class - First Detail

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the first detail of the forthcoming forth generation C Class, due to debut in just two months time. The new C Class is tipped to lead the class with advanced body structure design which offers greater rigidity and weight reduction which in turns enhanced the safety, refinement and fuel efficiency. Constructed in aluminum in greater than ever proportion, the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz Class features 39% of the lightweight material, hybridized with high strength and ultra high strength steel construction. Estimated weight saving is around 100kg less than the current car, with 20% gained in fuel efficiency. This is achieved despite the increased in size, something Mercedes can afford to do since the baton for smallest sedan in the line-up has been passed to the front-wheel-drive CLA.

The interior too has been revealed for the first time, itself a big departure from the existing C Class. The layout has taken a leaf or two from the far more luxurious S Class big brother in terms of opulence, with the detailing in tune with the sportier and smaller Benz such as the recently introduced CLA. The dash top and centre console is swoopy and entirely free of edgy structure. It sports the familiar circular vents and tablet-like display screen smack in the middle of the dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz C Class is set to be introduced in flesh at Detroit Motor Show in January. The entire line-up will consist of the sedan, coupe, convertible and estate. More photos after the jump.

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