07 November 2013

Lexus RC350 & RC300h sets to rival BMW 4 Series

You can't blame Lexus stylist for not trying to make their car looks good and different. The upcoming Lexus RC is the most extreme application of the new design language yet, characterized by the mega spindle grille with madly stretched compared to any model before this.

Lexus RC is the coupe derived from the Lexus IS, and set to challenge the likes of BMW 4 Series and Mercedes C-Class coupe to name a few. Compared to the sedan brethren, Lexus RC measures 4,695mm long, 1,840mm wide, 1,395mm tall and rides on 2,730mm wheelbase, which is 30mm longer, 30mm wider, 35mm lower and 70mm shorter wheelbase.
At the front, the "implied" headlight concept pioneered by Lexus IS has been refined further, and it looks a bit better and less haphazard looking with smoother headlight lower section. The LED infused looks jewel inspired, a theme further adopted by the fog lamp  which is akin to the diamond encrusted into the grille frame.

While the side profile is fairly conventional looking, with none of upswept rear bumper profile like the IS sedan, the same can't be said with the rear fascia. Lexus designers has played the surfacing really a lot, with different planes intersecting each other all over the place, all tied up together to create the hugging stance which is really sporty looking. I am not sure if the rear vents are functioning, but it better be or else it is just like the one on the Perodua Myvi SE rear bumper.

The model line up comprises of Lexus RC350 and RC300h. The former is powered by the familiar 3.5L V6 while the latter is 2.5L gasoline paired to hybrid system. The powertrain should be similar with the unit in other Lexuses, so we are looking at  312bhp and 378Nm for the RC350 and 220bhp and 300Nm for the RC300h.

Similar in BMW 3 and 4 Series, the interior is carried over from the sedan donor. The only new addition is the newly develop Remote Touch Interface which controls the car functionality via a centralized command system. Several more photos can be found after the jump.

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