14 June 2012

Proton Preve records 11,310 bookings within two months

Proton has announced its latest sedan, Preve has accumulated 11,310 bookings since the order book opened last March. Preve, tagged as Proton's first global car was formally launched on 16 April 2012 has garnered 1,000 bookings prior to the official unveiling date, and further 4,893 units were ordered in April. 

Proton Preve comes in 3 variants: Executive MT at RM59,990, Executive CVT at RM62,990 while the Premium CFE CVT weighs in at RM72,990. The Executive version comes with the Campro IAFM+ powertrain matched to either 5 speed manual or hooked to Punch CVT with 6 preset ratios. The range topper is propelled by a turbocharged CFE engine, also displaced 1.6L but kicks out a healthy 205Nm of torque and a reasonable 138bhp.

For those who has fallen asleep since last April and know nothing about Proton Preve, head to our coverage for the past months below:

Alternatively, for circa RM80k one can also buy the re-specified Proton Inspira 2.0 Executive, which comes in at RM86,450. For the price, you'll get a 2007 Mitsu Lancer but it comes with a more polished CVT tranny and MIVEC engine. Read HERE.

Seems that Preve is well received in the domestic market, although it is still very early to say whether the sales figure is a flop or sustainable throughout the intended lifecycle. What do you think about Proton Preve? MMN thinks it is an OK kind of car, but to say that it meets the Global C Segment standard would be a case of over patriotic-ism. 

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