18 June 2012

Scoop - 9th generation Honda Accord with interior shot

Honda is set to introduce the ninth generation of its Accord model as the current model approaching its fifth production year soon. The new Honda Accord will be empowered by Honda's new vision, dubbed Earth Dream technology which aims to increase the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) efficiency to the next level.  The new Honda Accord spied on the other side of the world revealed a much leaner looking body styles, where the excessive flab of the current model has been shed. Consistent with the trend set by the new Civic, don't rule out a slight reduction in the exterior dimension, although the interior volume will be at least on par with the current car.
The front end is visibly adopting a slimmer set of headlamp, unlike the bulging out item in the current model. The new headlamps design is expected to be very close to the Honda Accord Coupe Concept introduced earlier this year. The side profile, despite being less flabby the now, is still adorned by a very pronounced waist line. The rear end however still retain the long rear combi setup, clearly seen in the camouflaged car here.

Also seen for the first time is the glimpse of the redesigned cabin. It retains the current wide centre console setup like the current car, bit it is now silver trimmed. The silver bits run around the top part with housed the aircond duct and central screen (likely to be ditched in Malaysian-spec car), while the second layer part is fully silver finished. This section housed the climate control buttons.

*24/06/12 update
There's also another permutation of the interior settings, as opposed to the big screen as the model above, there's also another version of audio system. It looks as if Honda has taken a leaf out of Audi MMI system with its single large knob at the centre, flanks by four smaller button around it. Honda also has made some  effort to inject the elegance by including many chrome inserts around the audio system. From this angle too we can see how the whole centre cluster in silver-surrounded.

If Mazda has Skyactiv engine series, Honda is poised to set the fire with its new Earth Dream Technology engine. This concept will be adopted across all Honda engine from right down from the K-car class. While the lower capacity variant (less than 2.0L) will adopt the Atkinson cycle, the engine relevant to the Accord class will be enhanced with the direct injection system, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), high tumble port design, Idle Stop technology and various measures of friction reduction technology. The 2.0L and 2.4L engine will be paired with the CVT gearbox (or 6 speed manual) while the 3.5L V6 will be paired with the new 6 speed automatic transmission. The 2.4L Earth Dream engine was revealed to the motoring journalist sometimes some months back and it is tipped to produce 181bhp and 240Nm. The Hybrid version will be available too, this time paired to the 2.0L petrol engine.

Back to the aesthetic, MMN reckoned the Accord coupe concept previewed accurately the front end design of the new Accord, saved for the flashy bumper detailing. So head after the jump to the American coupe version of the Honda Accord.

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