18 June 2012

Kia Sorento facelift fully revealed

The second generation Kia Sorento is approaching its third year in age, and the new facelift is set to transform the whole dowdy look towards more contemporary Kia outlook. Kia's current Sorento was introduced to the market back in 2009, and is more road-biased than its predecessor. Running on a monocoque construction, Kia Sorento sits on a 2,700mm wheelbase while the other vital dimensions measure 4,685mm, 1,885mm and 1,710mm in length, width and height respectively.
For the 2012 update, Kia has given the Sportage face to its bigger SUV. Blending a more stretched-looking headlight is the more dynamic-looking bumper. The grille has been slightly enlarged, with elegant-looking chromed surround. It is simple and effective, with none of the K5 Optima kind of overdone dose of styling elements.

It is the rear end that receives the major makeover. While the outer part of the tail lights housing remain the same in its outline, the inner part (the one that sits on the tail gate) has gone stylo. It receives the same stretched-look like the headlight, with more elegant LED treatment internal graphics. There is a clear surface difference in plane between the upper part of the tailgate, with the one beneath the line that connect the left and right rear light. The slight inwards placement of the panel is a reminiscent of the larger Kia Optima, which is very deliberate in its aesthetic. Consistent with the front fascia, the rear reflector in the redesigned rear bumper is vertical in placement.

According to Kia, the improvement incorporated to the facelifted Sorento include a host of equipment upgrades, "a re-engineered bodyshell" and "a new chassis". Read between the lines and MMN interprets this as a body panel redesign, retuned spring, dampers, bush stiffness and perhaps reinforcement here and there, as well as updated cabin amenities. 

While there is no official release of the interior yet, Kia said it has revised the centre console including the incorporation of 7" touch screen panel, a newly design gear console (with leather shoes even for automatic), new LCD instrument cluster (perhaps like Optima K5) and more application of soft touch plastic.

The drivetrain is set to receive a host of upgrades too, all aimed at increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emission level.

Some more photos of the newly released Kia Sorento facelift after the jump.

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