25 June 2012

New Honda Civic is coming in July - 3 version, priced from circa RM118k

The 9th generation Honda Civic will finally arrived in Malaysia in July. The popular C Segment (current FD that is, the new one remain to be seen if it will still capture our market) will be introduced in 3 variants, namely an entry level 1.8L, mid range 2.0S and topped by the 2.0 Navi. Prices are expected to be increased by around RM3k from the current model.

The Malaysian CKD model is virtually identical to the Thailand version (as depicted above), saved for the interior colouring. According to the Honda's SA, there will be no beige-coloured cabin this time around. . While the 1.8L will be fabric upholstered, both 2.0L version will be leather covered.

Regarding the equipment level, the 1.8L version will shod with 16" alloy wheel and the side mirror will not feature the side repeater. Both of the 2.0L version will shod with 17" alloy (as above) and will featured an integrated repeater. Distinguishably, our version of Honda Civic will also comes with the audio system with the jumbo-sized button. However, opting for 2.0 Navi will get rid of this, and in comes the touch screen system with GPS-enabled.

To recap, the new Honda Civic is 4,525mm long, 1,755mm wide and 1,435mm tall. The wheelbase is 2,670mm.  Objectively, the new Civic is 30mm shorter in wheelbase, 5mm shorter overall and 15mm taller than the current FD Civic. As for the chassis hardware, the new Civic continues to be suspended by McPhersons strut up front, while rears are taken care by the double wishbone geometry. Brakes are disc all round, with the front one ventilated.

Powering the new Civic is the updated R-series engine, R18Z in the 1.8L version and an R20A for the 2.0L one. The 1.8L is 1,798cc in capacity and still producing 142PS@6500rpm and pulled 174Nm@4300rpm. The 2.0L version has shifted from the current K20Z engine to the newer R20A engine, whose 1,997cc lump now produced 155PS@6500rpm and 190Nm@4300rpm. Both are paired to the 5 speed automatic transmission.

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