15 June 2011

Myvi 2011 - final puff of photos before launching

http://www.buy-perodua.com/ has some more photos of the new Myvi. Head to that blog for full price list and also specs for each of the variant ( Standard, Premium and Elegance).

The car comes with Isofix seat mount, Electric Power Steering, Power retractable side mirror and projector headlamps.

It can be seen that the Standard and Premium model has different fabric grade. The top one is standard, while the bottom one is more premium looking. We already know that the auto and manual version will have different placement for gear shifter. For auto version, lack of shifter at the floor console leave a sizeable oblong-shaped storage space, in addition to dual cupholder at the front of the console, similar to current Myvi. The rear edge of the floor console looks carry-over to me, from current Myvi, I'll reconfirm when I visit the showroom. The picture also reveal the design of front door trim, which feature grab handle. I would guess the accent on the grab handles willl be model-grade spesific, with the premium model here looks like silver accent.

The Elegance model feature leather cover, with door trim garnish similar to Premium grade.Projector headlamps is already known before. The air-con controller is Alza carry over item, but the gear knob is new and looks thousand times better than Alza. Any chance for this knob to make an appearance in Alza FL?

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