16 June 2011

The new Perodua Myvi 2011 - Lagi Best

The much-awaited new Myvi has been launched tonight. The car has a big shoes to fill, as its predecessor is the best selling car in Malaysia, topping the sales chart almost every month since its launched in 2005.

Dimensionally, the new car is slightly shorter than the old Myvi at 3660mm    ( vs 3750mm for current car), similar width at 1665mm and slightly lower at 1545mm ( vs 1550 mm of current Myvi). Wheelbase is identical too to current model at 2440mm.Interior length is 15mm more than before but interior width is 20mm less, despite identical width to the old car. This is due to the thicker door trim.

Difference in exterior dimension is demonstrated below ( difference with old model in bracket)

Exterior styling

The new model is so obviously more stylish than the current model. As Perodua discover their competencies in advanced styling surfacing, the design of their car become more intricate. The headlight is no longer a simple triangulated item, now more pentagon in shape, with complicated inner panel to match ( with projector headlamp no less).

Side mirror too get some "filleting" treatment. Character line was also put in the transition zone between tailgate panel and the rear glass.

Side profile is now garnished with character lines than run around the side window, like Alza. This greatly reduce the effect of slab sided of current Myvi.

As for the rear end, the tailgate now featuring character line than runs from the taillights.

Interior Design

The interior is drastically different not only to current Myvi, but also bear no resemblance to its Japanese sibling, Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon.

As featured on Alza, the automatic version gets the gear lever on the dash, whereas the manual one stays on the floor ( floor console looks suspiciously identical to current car). The space occupied by the auto lever is replaced with cubby holes in the manual version, very handy for storage.

The aircon dials are Alza carry-over item, but funky placement of slanted from vertical lines.Its a big relieve that the manual version still gets a stylish dashboard, compare to Alza where the dash board for the manual version is kind of "cincai" with horizontal aircon dials on otherwise empty centre console.

There are two ICE design. The Standard and Premium version gets the design on the left whereas the Elegance version gets the up-market touch screen item. Standard and Premium model ICE are differentiated by amber lighting and turquoise lighting for each version respectively, and Premium version also get Bluetooth and USB function. Elegance ICE, aside from featuring 6" touch screen panel, also comes with DVD player and GPS navigation.

The meter binnacle is very,very and I stressed again, very attractive. Its rival Camry-class of car with its clear 3D effect. Standard model get amber lighting while Premium and Elegance version gets turquoise lighting. The information display features average fuel consumption and available range.

The interior is mostly light grey in its trim, with darker shade for seat fabric. The door trim design is more intricate than before, with added grab handles on top two variants. The shape of fabric insert is triangular.
Slightly longer interior space than before. Note the third seat belt mounted on the roof

Two-tone door trim. Grab handle on top two version. Familiar door inner handle and power window switches

Premium fabric on middle variants. Carryover floor console, with modified cubby hole for AT version

Leather seat cover on Elegance version

There's also ISOFIX seat mount for use with child seat. The boots space however is smaller than before      ( 208 vs 225 litres), directly due to reduced overall length, but increased interior length (so boot length must be less too).


The engine is familiar K3-VE paired to 5 speed manual or 4 speed AT, all are wholesomely carried over from the old model. Its quite disappointing that Perodua didn't take this chance to update the drivetrain with newer engine and more sophisticated transmission.

The new Myvi also comes with EPS (Electric Power Steering) that reduced power losses and should improved fuel consumptions. Quoted figures are 14.6 km/litre for AT (15% better) and 17.5 km/litre for MT (4% better).

Below is the specs for drivetrain, dimensions and chassis components.


The specs and equipment level for each variants is as below:

Price starts at just under RM 44k for manual standard variant and goes up to RM 57k for AT Elegance version, quite hefty increment over old model. The Elegance actually has break into Alza and Persona territory. It will be interesting to see how is the public acceptance to this. However, there's already over 8000 booking received for the car.
Variant1.3 Standard1.3 Premium1.3 Elegance
Special MetallicRM44,800RM47,800RM47,700RM50,800
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates

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