06 June 2011

Perodua New Myvi 2011 - seen on TV3

Perodua has previewed their latest baby on TV3, auto section. Of course one can viewed it again on their websites. The review has reveal few more new facts about the new Myvi. Firstly, like Alza, the auto version will have its gear lever on the dash, while the manual one remains on the floor console. In what look like a higher-trim  version, GPS, touch screen and a very premium meter binnacles are featured.

Very classy meter binnacle - very Camry-like

High end variant have a premium audio system

Automatic variant with dash-mounted shifter

Premium audio systems seems to be GPS-enabled too

Storage cubby holes replaces the shifter on manual variant, better executed than manual Alza

The boot space looks more or less similar to current one. The interior, particularly door trim looks somewhat dissapointing. It has a vast sea of grey plastic, with little section in the middle for fabric insert. It is a bit like Viva, an obvious lower cost model. I reserve the judgement until I see it personally.

Visually, boot space seems similar to current Myvi

Side repeater is integrated in more aerodynamically-shaped wing mirror

Manual variant, with sea of grey

Floor console looks like current Myvi carry-over, cheap looking door trim with vast grey and slab plastic

Projector headlamp. Overall more complicated design sufacing as Perodua discover style

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