20 June 2011

Nissan Lafesta

This car was launched in Japan recently. Essentially a rebadged Mazda 5, with some cosmetic changes for front fascia and most importantly, loses the side wavy lines. Personally I think this looks much better.

Same headlamps. But just look how big is the impact of front grill and bumper design. Gone is the fish face of Mazda5.

As per Mazda5 right down to rim design. Deletion of side wavy lines make it looks more "normal" and acceptable.

Interior is wholesomely carried over from Mazda5, including even the steering wheel and Karakuri seat arrangement.

I don't know whether this car will make it to Malaysia, as this is a very attractive alternative to Mazda5 which I think is not as stylish as its predecessor. But judging from current trend, this kind of badge-engineered car will stay in its homeland as JDM only.

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