20 May 2012

In June - Toyota 86, yours for RM133.34 (T&C applies)

Interested yet? Want to know the Terms and Condition (T&C)? Well, you can have it, as long as you have to assemble it yourselves, and you'll need to persuade Doraemon to lend you the  "terowong mengecil" to 1/24th of your original height. Yes guys, it is a Tamiya newly launched product in Japan, priced at 3,360yen. For your information, 3,360 yen is no big deal as it is equivalent to a few magazines price only, refer HERE.

Tamiya has launched both of the Japanese drifting twin, the 86 and Subaru BRZ. While the Toyota version will be on the shelf in June, the Subaru equivalent will be available a month later. Measuring 177mm in length, both car differs only slightly. Just like their real world car.

For those unfamiliar with Tamiya cars, you'll need to cut the component yourselves, glue them together, paint it and finish them to perfection. I once got the Nissan Fairlady Nismo, bought by my wife during her Japan's business trip, I took six intermittent month to complete it!

Small gallery after the jump, courtesy of Carwatch. Now when is my next trip to Japan?

Toyota 86 Tamiya 1/24

 Subaru BRZ Tamiya 1/24

Details can also be seen at Tamiya

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