17 May 2012

Mazda CX-5 SUV arrived in Malaysia

Bermaz Motor has brought in the CX-5 SUV model, which they have started teasing since a few month ago and have opened the order book. Out of several powertrain combo available, Bermaz launched only a 2.0L Skyactiv-G, essentially a petrol powered version equipped with Mazda direct injection system. Two drivetrain package are offered, front-drive and 4WD. Both version channelled the drive via  6 speed automatic gearbox.

The new compact crossover SUV is Mazda's first full implementation of Skyactiv Technology and KODO design language. KODO design language is the epitome of Soul of Motion. The new Mazda design language, replacing the short-lived Nagare concept, was inspired by nature's power and beauty as well as the concept of object in motion.  The aforementioned Skyactiv technology mainly branched into two fronts; namely advanced lightweight body structure and advanced powertrain. For the body structure, the design is optimized for lightness and rigidity via iterations of multi-load path concept. This eliminate the redundancy in body stiffening, as single reinforcement can resist loading from multi-direction. The use of high strength steel has assist in achieving this, while still maintaining top-class safety standard.

Mazda CX-5 is 4,555mm long, 1,840mm wide and 1,670mm tall. The interior is packaged in such a way that it deliver spacious, practical and smart solution. The class-leading 2700mm wheelbase  yields a class-leading 997mm of rear seat legroom, giving an ample knee space for an adult to occupy the back seat. The boot space stands at 500L , big enough but not as voluminous like Honda CRV and new Kia Sportage. The rear seat adopts Mazda patented KARAKURI for an added flexibility is split-able 40/20/40.

In terms of size, Mazda CX-5 is almost the same size as the new Honda CR-V. The Honda SUV measures 4,550mm, 1,820mm and 1,685mm in length, width and height. Honda has a shorter wheelbase though at 2,620mm, which is retained since the first generation CR-V.

The Skyactiv-G powertrain that is being used in Malaysian-spec CX-5 is a 2.0L direct-injection lump with high 13:1 compression ratio. Those who followed the Skyactiv powertrain might notice the reduction in the compression ratio, this could be due to our low quality fuel which could induce knocking problem with the original compression ratio. Power output is quoted as 153hp@6,000rpm and 200Nm@4,000rpm for front wheel drive version, and the 4WD version has a slight reduction at 152hp/198Nm. More details after the jump.

Mazda CX-5 is suspended by McPhersons struts up front. The rears are taken care by multi-link setup. If you are wondering why the CX-5 looks meanly wheeled, it is because the car shod on 225/55 R19 tyres wrapping 7.5X19" alloys. Brakes are ventilated disc up front, and solid disc at the back measuring 297mm and 303mm respectively.

Malaysian version is highly equipped too. Standard equipment covers leather seats (powered for the driver), strangely come with warmers and finally the dual-zone air-conditioning is featured. Entertainment system is a nine-speaker Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System, controlled via 5.8-inch touchscreen monitor with rear view camera. Safety wise, CX-5 comes with DCS, TCS, four-wheel ABS, EBD with Brake Assist and Tyre Pressure Monitor. There are six airbags.

As for the pricing, Mazda CX-5 2WD is priced at RM155,219 while the 4WD version is pitched at RM165,219, excluding insurance. Bermaz also offers 3 year warranty and maintenance.

Small gallery of Malaysian-spec Mazda CX-5 can be found below, courtesy of Paultan.


sylo said...

Between this CX-5 & the all new CR-V (expected to be launched by end of the year), which will you recommend if space, utilities, passenger comfort & practicality are more important criterias than performance, handling & fuel efficiency ?

Anonymous said...

wheels are 225/55 R19...
I wonder why Malaysian Mazda cx5 does not have stop start technology like the overseas I.e u.k or Australian version....

Akbar MMN said...

Regarding the stop/start technology, I read somewhere that the lack of this feature is due to the weather factor. The occupant will be roasted when the aircond compressor stops working.