26 May 2012

Lotus CEO Danny Bahar suspended

Lotus CEO, Danny Bahar has been suspended from his job, according to Autocar. This is following the complaint about Bahar's conduct, as confirmed by DRB-HICOM.

DRB said the decision was made based on operational review but Bahar will be welcomed to return to his position if the investigation found no fault in his part. Group Lotus Plc also has confirmed the statement. DRB-Hicom statement said "Following an operational review, CEO Danny Bahar has been temporarily suspended from his role to facilitate an investigation into a complaint about his conduct made by Lotus' penultimate parent company, DRB-HICOM Berhad."

In Bahar absence, Lotus operational matters now has been handed to Dato' Lukman Ibrahim, Mohd Khalid Yusof and Aslam Farikulla. Rusman Zaihan the CFO will also be assisting.

Danny Bahar was supposed to in Monaco this weekend to attend the glamorous Gran Prix, but instead was called to Malaysia where he was given news of his suspension.

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