04 May 2012

Nissan Leaf now in Malaysia - technical details + small gallery

Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) launched the Pilot Program, where the member of the public can register their interest to the the Leaf Ambassador. Basically, apart from getting to enjoy the EV ride for a prolong period of up to 6 weeks, the selected ambassador will also have to enlighten, share and encourage the journey toward emission-free ride. The ambassador need to share the stories via any creative media. Full details can be read HERE. However, if you are only full of curiosity, and have the total lack of talent to share the stories, you can merely test drive the Nissan Leaf in Nissan's PJ showroom. So if you are keen to taste how the electric drivetrain feels like, you know where you should go.

Nissan Leaf was introduced to the Japan, US and Europe market towards the end of 2010.   The car embodied  Nissan's radical, transformative vision for the future and the culmination of decades of investment and research. Key characteristics of the Nissan LEAF include zero-emission power train and platform, affordable pricing, distinctive design and real-world range of 160km. The car is powered by electric synchronous motor capable in producing 110bhp and 280Nm, where drive is channelled to the front wheel via a single speed direct drive. The car is powered by Lithium-ion battery with 24 KWh capacity, where its physical location is spread across the floor for packaging and mass optimization. Full charge of 8 hours is good for 160km, Nissan reckoned. According to Paultan blog, full charge will cost you around RM7.90 of electricity. So do your math to compare the equivalence to petrol-RM-mileage according to your respective car.

The innovative package is accommodated with the hatchback bodystyle. Nissan Leaf measures 4,445mm long, 1,770mm wide and 1,550mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,700mm. Kerb weight is quoted as 1,521kg. According to Nissan, the Leaf can sprint beyond 140 km/h, but we reckoned the mileage will be a lot less if you really floor it this way. Boot volume for the Nissan Leaf is 330L, competitive with C Segment hatchback.

ETCM has not yet announced the sales of its new EV car. However, in other market, Nissan Leaf is considered to be quite pricey, which is totally expected as the niche innovative component does not comes cheap. In UK, after deducting goverment grant, Nissan Leaf is priced at GBP25,990, around GBP10k more than the similarly-sized gasoline/diesel competitors. In Malaysia however, don't rule out the introduction of government incentives just like the NAP policy for the small capacity hybrid.

Small gallery can be found after the jump. 
Front end detailing

Rear end detailing

The piano-black centre console and light-intensive instrument binnacle

The front cabin

The rear accommodation

The 330L boot

Front door trim, also featuring piano-black trim

Front left door trim

The floor console, with the gear selector

However, please note that this version of Nissan Leaf could be slightly different from the one showcased in Malaysia. This Nissan Leaf was photoed at Nissan showroom in Ginza St, Tokyo.

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