19 August 2012

BMW Zagato Roadster unveiled at Pebble Beach

BMW and Zagato revealed their second fruit of collaboration within this few months with the unveiling of the BMW Zagato Roadster. Their previous product of collaboration was the Coupe version of the same car, showed only 3 months back. The Roadster was conceived after the very warm acceptance of the Coupe, and the Roadster was completed within just 6 weeks, a testimony of the two companies capability when they combined their pool of resources.

The exterior aesthetic of the BMW Zagato Roadster is an epitome of the Italian finesse meets Bavarian teutonic design quality. With the proportion of classic roadster, the Roadster wears the svelte curvaceous that only come from Zagato. The taut, hallmark BMW surface treatment and Zagato’s clearly defined distribution of visual mass lend the BMW Zagato Roadster an athletic appearance – poised and eager, demanding to be driven. At the front, the low-set kidney grille, complete with intricate z-design grating, as well as focused twin circular headlights and a three-dimensional front apron shape the expressive face of the BMW Zagato Roadster.  The nose surges forward dynamically, dipping down close to the road, and allows the BMW Zagato Roadster to cut an agile figure, crouching as if about to pounce. The contoured hood extends this aura of dynamism with its sweeping lines and taut surfaces, while a pair of air intakes carved into the hood supply the engine compartment with extra air and hint at the brawny powerplant inside.

The BMW Zagato Roadster’s silhouette outlines a poised and alert presence, the car’s sweeping hood, long wheelbase, short overhangs and low rear end merging into a taut, sporty whole. The basic choreography of lines and surfaces is similar to that of the BMW Zagato Coupé, but subtle differences are noticeable at the rear. The tail end as a whole places a greater emphasis on elegance than that of the Coupé, which shows a sharper sporting edge. The Roadster’s lines are smoother here and the rear is lower-slung. Plus, a fine additional line forges a visual connection between the sill and the rear apron to round off the rear end design in style.

The sharply chiselled tail of the BMW Zagato Roadster provides a fine advertisement for the exquisite talents of the Zagato body specialists. The rear end displays a seamless perfection, giving it a feel of quality – like a sculpture cast from a single mould. Here, the high degree of handcraftsmanship within the walls of the Zagato design studio and the company’s vast well of experience in working with surfaces and forms come resplendently to light.

The interior of the BMW Zagato Roadster is heavily based on the common Z4, but with an added classy touch of the one-off car. Sumptuously upholstered in brown leather covering the dash top, upper panel of door trim, floor console and sprinkled tastefully around the door trim insert. 

Both BMW and Zagato made comments on the possibility for a limited run of production. Gallery after the jump.

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