17 August 2012

Raya journey - PLUS Travel Time Advisory

PLUS has published the Travel Time Advisory for the road user. This is essential to ensure the smoothness of the journey by staggering the number of car entering and using the highway based on their start location and destination. Also MMN would like to remind the road user be considerate to fellow driver (there's no harm in giving way to the other car right?), to obey the speed limit (as if you can speed up anyway, but not worth spending the money paying the saman), and well, drive safely and rest adequately.

Don't forget PLUS also is giving out toll rebate on 15, 16 (sorry passed already), 22, 23 and 31st of August to the electronic payment. This is meant for the Touch n Go and Smart Tag user. So please, at least buy the Touch n Go. Paying toll by cash is so old-fashioned!

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