04 August 2012

Kia Forte base model spotted in South Korea

After the typical unveiled of the highest specification and a series of glitzy studio shots of probably the most expensive variant, the base spec version of the new Forte K3 now spotted in South Korea. Among the main differences are the deletion of a string of LED DRL eyelid, no fog lights, smaller wheel (steel with plastic cap) and, wait for it, a totally different rear light minus the fancy LED strip lighting. These kind of transform the look quite significantly. What do you think?

Note the headlight "eyelid" without LEDs and no fog lamp. The side profile looks a bit bland with the tiny set of wheels. Glass house is as swoopy as the new Civic, but with an added panache of multi-contoured side panel.

Take a look at the rear light, and compared it with the launch version HERE. Some more photos after the jump.

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