03 May 2011

Perodua MyVi - Used Car Scenario

With the launch of new Perodua Myvi approaching, soon the market will be flood with current generation of Myvi, as if it not yet flooded the used market right now. With soon to be cheaper used price, combined with reasonable build quality and component price, the spacious Myvi is perfect car for young family who is starting family life, especially if one can find a good, cheap used examples.
I’m talking from point of view of Myvi owner. I bought 1.3EZ (standard line, automatic transmission) in 2006 for RM46k. At that time I have a kid and frequently travelled up north from KL, Myvi served the purpose fuss free. Lack of boot space was not a problem as I have only one kid, so the flexible rear seat can be used for additional boot space.
Performance wise, the auto version can be pushed to 160 km/h (at least that as fast as I dared) although in-gear acceleration leave a lot to be desired ( but OK for 1.3 auto I guess). NVH is not too bad, better than Proton LMST I owned at that time. Handling is bit of mixed story; body roll is plenty, sharp braking together with steering input accentuates this further. But the lack of roll stiffness does result in positive turning in, with strong chuckability, good for darting around tight corner. Ride is a bit on the firm side, bump absorption is not that good where minor road imperfection can be felt. Fuel consumption is good if one drive at 90 km/h on average, but once you pushed beyond 3000 rpm at top gear, i.e beyond 130 km/h it starts to guzzle fuel like nobody business.

Lets recap on history of Myvi. Myvi is the cousins to Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon ( and later Subaru Justy). Perodua Myvi was launched in Malaysia in May 2005 with two engines; 1.0 and 1.3. While 1.0 is available in 5 speed manual only ( and only in SR standard trim), the larger engine version is available also with 4 speed auto transmission, in standard (SX and EZ) and premium (SXi and EZi) versions. They were price between RM39k (1.0SR) to RM51k (1.3 EZi). It later spawned SE version, which comes with bodykit, different rims design and leather seats. In August 2008, the whole range was facelifted. Changed items includes new more mascular front bumper assembly, new hood that ditched the “V” lines and chrome garnish, reprofiled rear bumper, changed in interior colour from black to dark grey as well as different seat fabric. SE version was later introduced with much sportier body kit, customary leather seat cover and different ICE.
Picture : Perodua Myvi 2005 Exterior
Picture: Perodua Myvi 2005 Interior - Spacious enough for small family
Practicality of Myvi : Reconfigurable rear seat for flexible storage solution
Picture:Myvi 2008 Facelift and its changed items
Based on experience of owning a 1.3EZ 2006 version which I bought from new, this is not a trouble-free car. But thanks to the excellence of Perodua Service Centre( at least for my branch), all the glitches and issues has been rectified. It was worthwhile to get the EWP too, as I still changed things upto 100k km as warranted. Among the issues were: brake judder ( front brake disc and pads replaced FOC), front and rear absorber noise ( all absorbers replaced FOC), seized tailgate gas spring ( replaced, but the new sets are now beginning to show failure symptom again!) as well as power window switches ( 3 sets already). Don’t be too alarmed when power window problem is mentioned as the issue is not the mechanical, it’s just the switches which are easy and cheap to replace, I even DIY once.
All in all, the problems are reasonable and not too troublesome. Somemore, due to good service by the centre, probably the used car are already with the improved parts, replaced under warranty at some point of its life.
Perodua Myvi is one of the car that hold its value really well. I’ve tried to trade in the car many times, and mostly the trade-in value offered are sufficient to cover the balance of the loan ( after deducting early settlement rebates). Below are the price guide up to 2007, obtained from Ambank Refinance Value (indicating current market price) and some examples from Mudah.my.
Due to existence of distance cousin in JDM market, there’s plenty of half-cut available for Myvi. Turbo engine from YRV are also among the extreme modification. But the most popular half cut are the moderately reasonable item such as:
  1. Toyota Passo front cut ( hood, headlamp, fender and bumper)
  2. Toyota Passo rear cut ( tailgate, bumper and tail light)
  3. Door trim – nicer design with cupholder at arm rest level
  4. Seat – more colors, with option of bench front seat
  5. IP – the dashboard with separated meter combi, different steering column (with gear shift) and centre storage box
There might be more items, but these are the items that frequently pop-up in mudah.my and car forums.
Toyota Passo Instrument Panel (IP)
Passo bench type front seat
Column mounted gear shifter
Passo Tail Gate
My final verdict:
  1. Good little car. Perfectly packaged for small family yet spacious enough to meet your needs
  2. Good NVH hence less tiring on long journey
  3. Reasonable maintenance. All problematic items should have been replaced under warranty by the time it reached used car bay
  4. Chuckable handling and easy to drive fast on flowing road once you are used to the body roll
  5. Tunable - both mechanically and aesthetically due to flood of JDM half cut from siblings model
  6. Hold its value well. Easier and cheap to sell later
  7. Many aftermarket parts are available by now. So next time the stock absorber, springs and brakes develop problem, there's plenty of after market parts suitable to varying wallet size