23 May 2011

Vettel won Spanish Grandprix 2011

Sebastian Vettel of RedBull racing won 2011 Spanish Grandprix, fending off the hard-charging Lewis Hamilton.

At the start, home hero Fernando Alonso made a dream start, quickly slipstreaming Vettel before switching to the right inside lane, while Vettel simultenaously steered left. Alonso then outbrake pole-sitter Webber to take the lead, while Vettel steered round the outside of his team mate to go to 2nd place. At the end of first corner, Alonso lead the race, much to the delight of the crowd.

Alonso then lead till 2nd pitstop where Vettel managed to get in front of him. Alonso then loose out to Hamilton too. Webber and Button also managed to fly pass the struggling Alonso on hard tyres.

Towards the end, Hamilton is closing on Vettel. But even with DRS and KERS, he never managed to make a move against the leading Red Bull. Eventually, Vettel won by a scant 0.6 sec.

Alonso was a lap down. This indicates sheer speed of Redbull and Mclaren of Hamilton. It is clear that Alonso managed to hold faster car during the first and second stint. But once these car managed to pass him, they just dissapear into distance and Ferrari never got the answer to their pace. Without Alonso determination to hang on, Ferrari would be further down the grid, just look at Massa.....

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