26 May 2011

Proton Saga FL 1.6 launched, RM46,549

Proton today launched 1.6 version of their Saga FL. The drivetrain is from Persona, means a familiar 1.6 Campro IAFM and 4 speed auto. No manual transmission is offered.

The car comes only in Solid White with decorative stripes along its flanks. Difference to 1.3l version is mainly in trim, where door inside handle, aircon vent and centre console are in dark chrome finishing. It also has passenger airbag. Rims size remain 14 inches.

Performance wise, it's top speed is 165km/h with 12.5 sec for 100 km/h sprint, compared to 155 km/h and 14.5 second respectively for 1.3 auto version.

The car is priced at RM46,549, just a few grand dearer than the 1.3 Executive version.

Proton also launched this colour for Persona model, just a mild refresher to what essentially is a on-of-life model.

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