27 November 2012

First real life photo of updated American Honda Civic exterior

We've seen the first shot of the updated interior of the American Honda Civic, now the exterior photos have surfaced out, thanks to the source. These shots were taken at the dealership and it shows clearly the renewed rear end is far more substantial looking than the weedy looking current American Civic.
This is not the best angle to determine the overall outlook of the rear. While it looks more "complete" with larger tail lights with properly sectioned internals and the chromed garnish that make the rear fascia more upmarket looking together with chunkier lower edge of the bumper, from some internet photos, MMN has a suspicion that the rear fascia is a bit angled rear-wards, i.e slightly sagging, which is accentuated further by the contour of the rear bumper upper section. It doesn't have the pert look like the sportier-looking Civic FD. To see side by side how the current Civic differs from the older Civic FD, refer to MMN previous article HERE.

The front end is wholly new, as the changed item covers new bumper and grille assembly and the hood outer panel. Much like the revised dashboard, chrome inserts are featured heavily, prominently inserted around the radiator grille and lies across the car along the lower intake. I however feel that the Asian Civic, especially on its optional Modulo grille looks way better.

It remains to be seen how the rest of the Civic range will look with different trim. MMN is quite keen to see the gear console which we think is a bit understyled compared to the outgoing Civic. We think they won't be any changes there or else this guy would have snap it.

The rest of the photos from the earlier post can be be found after the jump.


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