08 November 2012

Proton Exora Bold and Prime enter Indonesian market

Proton Edar Indonesia today launched two updated Exora models to Indonesian market, namely the Exora Bold H-Line and Exora Prime. Both model are powered by the turbocharged 1.6L engine called CFE which is capable of delivering the 2.0L performance upon needs. The pre-updated Exora has been on sale in Indonesia since August 2009, and so far about 2,000 units has been delivered.

For the Indonesian market, only the two highest grade of the facelifted Exora will be sold. This means that the facelifted model with CPS engine won't be available. Hence the differentiation comes in seating configuration where the Bold H-Line is full 7-seater while the more expensive Exora Prime is 6 seater. The reduction in one passenger comes from the courtesy of the captain seat for the second row.

For our Indonesian reader, MMN has written a comprehensive write-up about the new 1.6L turbocharged engine, the CFE so you can read it HERE, while we also has tested the turbocharged 7 seater Exora and we conclude that it delivers a punchy drive thanks to a responsive throttle response and excellence steering feel. The articles can be found HERE. We even think it is gutsier than the newer Preve sedan.

For the Indonesian market, Proton Exora Bold H-Line is priced at Rp 248m while the 6 seater Prime is 10m more at Rp 258m. With today exchange rate the price is not too different from Exora domestic market.

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