27 November 2012

First sight on the interior of the updated American Honda Civic

As expected, the refresh that Honda will make for the North American Civic will be extensive, covering both interior and exterior to reflect the critics it received from the press and consumer at that side of the world. We've been officially served with glimpse of the exterior update (HERE). 

For the interior, Honda has retained the main build of the dashboard, but has added the new centre module as well as padding up the area at the front of the passenger. The shape of the air-vent has been changed to almost rectangular and they are trimmed on their surround. The area in front of the front passenger LOOKS padded, but a true judgement still awaits. The previously matte-looking centre console has been taken out and replaced by the glossy panel, with a chromed-laden panel. Air vents and audio buttons are inserted with chromed bits, and the there is also chrome bars running lower down the panel. The climate control panel is now more CRV-look instead of a throwback to the outgoing generation. 
The updated Civic will be reveal during the Los Angeles Motorshow. In addition to the styling enhancement, Honda is expected to increase the equipment level too. 

For the uninformed, North American Honda Civic is an entirely different model to our Asian car. Despite the similar underpinnings, and most of the exterior and interior panel, the specific details are tailored exclusively for each region. For example, the FD generation Civic sports an entirely different front end rear end between Asian and American. Only in certain exception that this fact varies. For example, the FD Civic was rebadged as Acura CSX in Canada where it is truthly just a LHD version of the Asian car. The current model is less so, but with the revised styling, the outlook of the American and Asian cars are now set further apart. With the new rear end that is distinctively American, we won't be hoping that our next update for the Civic will follow the same route. For those who missed the previous update, head down after the jump for the updated exterior photos.

Interior photo source: vtec.net


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