01 November 2012

More details of the forthcoming Honda Brio Sedan

Honda Thailand teased the appearance of the sedan version of its Brio hatchback a few days ago. From the limited single view here, it is apparent that the new sedan shared the front end with the Brio including the A-pillar but things get differentiated post the B-pillar.
New details have emerged today. Seems that Honda is not purely "sedanized" the Brio by slapping some metal at the back, but they have stretched the wheelbase by 62mm to 2,407mm. Overall length has grown by 380mm to 3,990mm. It is still under 4m though to capitalize on tax benefit offered in the market like India. Width and height remain unchanged from the hatchback, still at 1,680mm and 1,500mm respectively. The additional length benefits the packaging as Honda now able to package in a cushier reat seat and 420L of boot volume.

The car is due to debut in Thailand this month. In fact this detail emerged after there is media test drive session so the actual unveiling date could be just days away. In Thai market, the car will be powered by the same petrol-driven 90bhp 1.2L lump paired to CVT gearbox.

Honda Brio is actually a clever product of Honda engineering. In the era of rising material cost and the extreme necessity to remain cost effective, innovative company like Honda can still strive. For example, let's have a look at Brio interior. By now surely all of us know that Honda Brio has two-tone interior color. Do you know that the door trim is not two-piece moulded plastic? It is in fact single-piece moulded item with the top portion sprayed in soft dark finishing on the beige surface. This is just one of the example. If you have a chance to have a closer look, zoom in to the design details.

Some photo of the camouflaged media car can be found after the jump.

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