30 November 2012

New CAR Magazine in the market

There's a new car magazine at your nearest news agent, and it is called CAR. The latest publication from Astro Publication is the fruit of the licensing agreement with Bauer Consumer Media Limited in the UK. In UK market, CAR is the premium motoring magazine with 50 years of history and CAR Malaysian edition is the 10th licensed edition of the CAR Magazine in many continents round the globe.

CAR Malaysia is headed by Ahmad Zulizwan and Donald Cheah. If their names sound familiar, this is because they have led other UK-based magazine before, and this is not the first licensed automotive magazine from Astro Publication.

The new magazine will rival the likes of Autocar, Top Gear and Evo, which are the high-ranking UK-licensed magazine. CAR content will mix the selection of local and European news, with the first-grade photography.

The magazine has hit the news agent from 28 November and retailed at competitive RM10. The first Malaysian edition will feature the drive impression of the new Volkswagen Golf, Aston Martin Vanquish, Ford Focus sedan as well the finest superhatch in the Britain's market.

Malaysia Motoring News would like to welcome the latest edition of the magazine to the Malaysian shore. Truthfully, our market is really starving for the healthy dose of automotive magazine. My student time in the UK was certainly a heaven in this aspect, and my trips to Japan has shown the same heaven too. So lets hope these heavenly scenario is not that far off from Malaysian automotive magazine market.

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