01 December 2012

Proton Satria Neo R3 launched

Proton has launched the Satria Neo R3 yesterday as a sportier and more dynamic extension to the Satria Neo CPS model range. Not to be confused with the R3 Satria Neo (which retailed at RM79,797 and punched 145hp at a screaming 7,000rpm), this is essentially the Satria Neo CPS that is decked out the with the R3 parts.

Compared to its look-alike high performance cousin, Satria Neo R3 is powered by the 1.6L CPS which produced 125hp@6,500rpm and 150Nm@4,500rpm. Paired to either 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual, Satria Neo R3 can sprint to 100km/h in 10.5s and 190km/h of top speed (make that 12.5s and 185km/h for the automatic version). The manual version is priced at RM61,250 while the automatic version retailed at RM64,250.

Compared to the outgoing Satria Neo CPS, the R3 version is kitted with front splitter, rear spoiler, 16 inch alloy wheels and side protector moulding in Titanium finish. The interior has been upgraded too with the double DIN audio system with touch screen panel and leather upholstery. Unlike the exterior makeover which gets most of the R3 Satria Neo outlook, the interior enhancement stop at those two, so there's no red trimmings (except stitching) and push-start button. The exterior shade has been extended to 4 options namely Fire Red, GTi Silver, Tranquility Black and Canary Yellow which is the famous color of the S2000 Satria Neo. The R3 body decals are included in the styling package for any purchase before 31st December 2012.

As usual with R3 component inventory, a range of upgrades are available. The buyer can buy ECU upgrade, high-performance exhaust system, lowered spring set and lightened engine pulleys. For the price, please consult your nearest Proton dealer.

Proton Satria Neo has made its mark in the motorsport arena lately. The involvement started to pay dividend in 2011 when Proton emerged as the APRC champion. Although it has been aged and seasoned accordingly since its 2006 introduction, and despite the oldies design from previous era of Proton design, Satria Neo is quite wonderful to drive. Lets not talk about the cabin ergonomics or the weak door stopper, and slight inconvenient clutch and gear slotting, it is about the way the steering interact with the body dynamics that shine. With proper power and handling upgrade, Satria Neo potentially can become one of the better-handling affordable car in the market. 

More studio snapshots of Proton Satria Neo R3 can be found after the jump.


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Anonymous said...

a polo 1.2TSi can outrun and outcorner whatever R3 NEO version.

R3 NEo is for poor man fiesta? why not market the supercharger version?