29 December 2012

Volvo XC60 Facelift Spied Uncamouflaged

Volvo's popular XC60 SUV will be facelifted to keep it fresh after being in the market since 2008. The facelift mainly consist of the nose job, where the front end design is updated to bring it in-line with the looks of the recently introduced Volvo, the V40. The small inset headlight unit is now gone, and re-placed at the outer, lower bumper, which itself is a totally new design. The radiator grille has been lightly retouched too.

At the back, there rear light does not seem to differs. The main shape of the rear bumper remains too, albeit the lower part with the reflector unit has been revised with a more slender unit. The tailgate panel looks carry-over too, but the appearance has been updated with the chrome strip.

Inside, the main switchgear has been updated. This mainly consist of the new steering wheel and the new meter binnacle. This sightings was in China, so it remains to be seen when the updated XC60 will be seen at other market around the globe. Some more photos can be found after the jump.

Source: Autoweek.

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