25 December 2012

Proton P3-22A (Preve hatchback) starts road testing

It is well-known fact way before the Proton Preve was launched that the hatchback version is being developed as well, and it is not too far behind the sedan in its timeline. Now the P3-22A starts making its inroad into the real life testing program, and immediately spied by the usual publisher. Spied here by Paultan and Funtasticko, we can see that the basic front architecture is similar to the sedan version all the way to the B-pillar. The rear end can now be seen as a "conventional" hatchback, instead of the swoopy type like the Gen2. The rear screen is quite upright, similar in trend with the likes of Mazda3.

While Proton Preve is a bit flawed in its rear aesthetic, the hatchback version gets the new light assembly. The inners of the rear light is different from the LED-encrusted Preve's top part, but more like the glowing bars not unlike those found on the newer BMW cars, or Proton Lekiu concept car if we are to be patriotic.

Prior to the launch of Proton Preve, there was a rumour about the sportier positioning of this P3-22A, and will be available with the combination of the CFE engine with a manual gearbox, 6 speed in this case. However, after the successful DRB bid, there was a whisper of the drop of the CFE version for this car. Expect the truth to surface out nearer to the production. Don't rule out the integration of the PETRONAS engine too, although it is still an early days to know whether the PETRONAS NE01 can be packaged into the engine compartment of the Preve. However, since the previously national oil and gas engine-owned engine has found its way into the Exora MPV, itself is a host to Proton's CFE engine, vehicle integration could be just as ABC.

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