25 December 2012

All-New Toyota Crown Royal & Athlete Launched

Toyota has launched an all-new Crown series, consist of both Crown Royal and Crown Athlete. Both version are empowered by Toyota proud new full-height grille, and they are even more imposing that the Lexus spindle opening design. Both cars are also offered in hybrid version on top of the regular gasoline-powered model.

Toyota Crown series is rear wheel drive saloon and is a flagship series for the the Toyota saloon and often offered a Lexus-level of opulence and luxurious trimmings, albeit in a more traditional Japanese way. For this generation, Toyota has lengthened the overall length by 25mm to 4,895mm while width is up by 5mm to 1,800mm. Height is 1,460mm for the Crown Royal while Crown Athlete is 10mm lower.

Both Crown Royal and Crown Athlete range start with the 4GR-FSE 2.5L V6 engine producing 203PS@6,400rpm and 243Nm@4,800rpm. This engine can be paired with either front or an all-wheel drive option, both via 6 speed automatic version. The hybrid version is powered by 2AR-FSE 2.5L gasoline in in-line four configuration. This petrol lump is paired with the electric motor, and drive is channelled to the rear wheel via a CVT. This configuration pumps out 178PS and 221Nm for the petrol while the electric motor is capable of churning 143PS and 300Nm. Crown Athlete model gets an additional engine choice in the form of 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 producing 315PS@6,400rpm and 377Nm@4,800rpm and this flagship version drives via 8 speed automatic gearbox.

The gallery of Toyota Crown Royal and Toyota Crown Athlete can be found below, with the real-life photo courtesy of autoc-one.

Toyota Crown Athlete

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Toyota Crown Royal 


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