04 October 2012

3rd Generation Mazda6 coming to Malaysia in November?

We are still fresh from the European debut of Mazda6 in Paris Motorshow, and we know that it will enter major market right at the end of the year. Guess what, Malaysia is one of those countries. Although there has been a rumours about the arrival of the 3rd generation Mazda6 in the Q1 2013, we could reveal that the arrival could be as early as November, with December delivery for the eager customer!
Two versions are coming to our shore. The entry level is the 2.0L Skyactiv-G powered, which is the same as the one powering the CX-5 crossover. The output figure quoted for Malaysian CX-5 is 153bhp and 200Nm. As before, Mazda6 range in Malaysia will be powered by the 2.5L mill, Skyactiv-G direct injection engine kicking 192bhp. Both version will be paired to the 6 speed automatic gearbox.
For the outgoing generation there were two different versions of the Mazda6. The one we see in Malaysia is the more compact version, sold to the majority of the world while the American version is much larger although they both share the same styling. There's no such thing this time around as Mazda has decided to unify both version. 5 door liftback version won't be available as well, as Mazda deemed the svelte looking new 6 is as sporty as the liftback version.

Mazda6 is slightly bigger than the old car (smaller than the US version though). Overall length is 4,865mm, width 1,840mm and 1,450mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,830mm. In comparison, the old 6 measures 4,755mm,1,795mm, 1,440mm and 2,725mm in these dimensions respectively. As a results of this, there is 43mm more knee room at the back while the rear seat cushion has been increased by 20mm for added comfort. Boot space is 483L, slighly less than current car 519L.
If Malaysia market introduction is really happening in November, it means that we are getting the new Mazda6 as fast as the rest of the world. This is no surprise actually if we consider the fact the the supply of our Mazda6 comes from Japan, where the production of the current car has been stopped to give way to the car you see here. To support this fact further, Mazda Malaysia has been attempting to clear the stock of the current car as early as last July with significant discount. So, roll on the new Mazda6.....

Photo source: Car.watch.

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