23 October 2012

PROTON to use PETRONAS engine?

PETRONAS E01 installed in Proton Waja
Fresh from the press, Berita Harian today said PROTON is exploring the use of PETRONAS engine in its revise line-up of cars. It is mentioned that the deal includes the purchase of the Intellectual Property Right of the engine as well, giving the DRB-HICOM-owned company a full ownership of the engine. The models to be fitted with this engine is claimed to be forthcoming Preve hatchback, Exora facelift and Perdana replacement.

There is some doubt about the news, as Berita Harian did not revealed any source, nor there is any interview excerpt to prove it. The engine in question also is the E01, which was revealed way back in 1998 and, although a class-act in terms of power output rivalling modern 2.0L engine, it is way behind in emission rating. 

What do you think about this, based on this limited information? Malaysia Motoring News is not at liberty to reveal more. However you can dig more in the internet to find out the whole range of PETRONAS engine, which extend all the way from the bike engine to the automotive engine. There's also news in China website mentioning something about the engine exhibited sometimes in 2009 which I could not find.

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