31 October 2012

Facelifted Mercedes E-Class Scooped

The W212 generation of Mercedes E-Class has been around with us since 2009, so it is about time for a mid-life refresh. For the first time, the undisguised updated car has been scooped. The solitary photo here is probably the AMG version, denoted by the massive front air intake and the Bi-turbo badge on the fender.
The front end has foregoes the quad light setup seen since W210 in 1995 and in comes the C-Class inspired shape with a much more pleasing shape. The hint of quad lights setup is now taken care by the distinctive internal component arrangement. Overall, the front end now appears softer with more curvaceous appearance, consistent with newer A and B-Class design language. Another significant styling change is the deletion of the rear "Pontoon" style rear wheel arches, replaced by more conventional item.

Mercedes E-Class traditionally is the BMW 5 Series closest rival. With the Munich rival is set to receive its mid life update too (BMW F10 LCi covered HERE) at around the same time, the battle is set to be restarted.

Source: Carscoop

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