30 October 2012

Proton inked the collaboration with Honda

DRB-HICOM, the parent company of the national carmaker Proton has announced that it has reached an agreement with the Honda Motor to explore collaboration in the areas of technology enhancement, new product line-up, platform sharing as well as facilities sharing. The deal comes as a surprise as Honda has never been known to be linking up with people, except with Rover group sometimes back.

Details are scarce at the moment, there was not even a press release for the matter. The only confirmation obtained was the company announcement to Bursa yesterday. The only elaboration found are from market analyst, which mostly are textbook statement generalized for any carmaker collaboration.

Sources close to the company however is quite cautiously optimistic about the news. This is because this is not the first MoU the company signed and so far there is no concrete outcomes yet. Let me tell you something, usually after the initial collaboration intent has been signed, both companies will actively explored the possibilities. The sort of NDA signed will enable the release of data between companies.This involved the study of the platform and engineering data, among others, on how to synergize. Vendor assessment, product line-up overlapping, engine line-up identification will be tabled out for further decision. There is a possibility that they will find no scope to collaborate. Also, how does this news relates to the earlier rumour about utilizing Petronas powertrain?

What does it mean to you and me now? Nothing yet now. However, if Proton managed to work out a deal like Rover did decades ago, we could see a common platform between both brands common segment. Till then, dream on about getting a Civic-based Preve II and CR-Z-based Satria Neo!

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